"EUNOS, A new exclusive brand for the discerning customer. Taken from the Latin"EU", meaning joy,and the English "NOS"meaning numbers, EUNOS is a fine collection of cars that brings a new facet to motoring pleasure, and a greater satisfaction to those who own the marque. The emblem represents the marriage of European history and culture, with Japanese aesthetics and advanced technology."

The Eunos brand, sold independently of the Mazda brand, was Mazda's luxury offering. For a brand that only existed for approximately eight years, some of the long term achievements accomplished are simply remakable. These include, but are in no way limited to:

  • The Eunos 800 is the only production car in the world to use a Miller Cycle engine.
  • The Eunos 30X, with a displacement of only 1.8 L, is one of the smallest V6 engines ever commercially produced.
  • The Eunos Roadster (under its various guises) remains the worlds best selling sports car.
  • The Eunos Cosmo is the only production car to use a triple rotor engine.
  • Many standard features of the Cosmo (such as Car Control System, GPS, telephone, tevevision, touch screen controls, climate contol), released in 1990, did not appear in other cars until 2001.

Models in the Eunos range included:
Eunos 100 (1989 - 1994)
Eunos 300 (1989 - 1992)
Eunos 500 (1992 - 1999)
Eunos 800 (1993 - 1999)
Eunos Roadster
(1989 - 1997)
Eunos 30X (Presso) (1991 - 1998)
Eunos Cargo
(1990 - 1993)
Eunos Cosmo
(1990 - 1995)

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