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Alternate Flashing Unit

Commonly called wig wag lighting.
This isn't really a step by step guide as there is too many electrical connections to give detailed step by step instructions.
For those experienced with auto electrical its quite straight forward. If you don't have the necessary knowledge an auto electrician could install it for what I'd hope would be a reasonable cost given the design and part numbers are listed here.
This modification would be no harder to apply to either headlight high and low beams.
* It is interesting to note that the flasher unit has a "voltage boost" feature that increases voltage to the load to ensure effective lighting.


Narva Flasher Unit 68278BL
2) 5 pin relays (one shown)
7m) 15 amp cable
Assorted lugs, ties, etc.

Normal hand tools and soldering iron.





Videos of finished modification:




** The flasher unit makes a faint "electronic" noise when the fogs are on and the flasher unit is turned off. This must be due to voltage applied to the flasher units outputs. I am going to install diodes in the two flasher outputs to rectify this problem and will upgrade the diagram when done.
** The circuit has been repaired by the installation of 2 x 6 amp diodes and the diagram above has been updated.