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Taillight Tint

I have always thought that the Cosmo would look better with a faint tint to the taillights so I thought I'd give it a go.


The paint I used is VHT Night Shades - I had to order it in to Repco using the part number SP-999. This is a specially formulated paint designed for lenses that allows the light to shine through.

I also grabbed a can of clear lacquer to go over the tint and protect it.



First thing, remove the centre section of the rear light assembly and then the two taillights.
There are two 10mm nuts at each end holding the centre piece in place that can be accessed through the flaps in the boot lining where the reverse lights are. There is also one more nut, off centre (towards the passenger side) that can be accessed by removing the two centre clips in the boot lining and accessing from underneath.
Each taillight has six x 10mm nuts holding them in, all accessible through the flaps over the tail / brake / indicator lamps.
All three lenses have surrounds that screw on which were removed to avoid overspray and remove the necessity of masking anything up.



The lenses on the Cosmo are in good condition - no scratches, etc so sanding them down wasn't necessary.

A thorough clean with some mineral turpentine, a wash with a wet rag and dry with another rag; all the time being careful to not touch the lenses after the clean with the turps.

I put on two light coats of Night Shades as I didn't want the tint to be very dark. The coats were applied about 10 minutes apart.



After letting them dry for about 14 hours and checking that the level of tint was acceptable, 5 light coats of the clear lacquer was applied about 10 minutes apart.

After leaving them dry for several hours, they were reassembled and put back on the car.

The clear lacquer leaves a fine orange peel texture that will be buffed out in a week or two when the paint is completely cured. This can be easily carried out with the lights on the car. Alternatively they could be wet sanded back with some 1200 grit sandpaper then polished and buffed,