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Shift Light Installation

Commercial shift lights incorporate the light and electronics into one unit, making them large, cumbersome and ugly to install satisfactorily.
I had been looking for some time for a simple frequency switch that I could use to operate a shift light, which would give me the ability to install a warning light to meet my needs. The idea was for the control unit to be out of sight and the light to be discrete.
I stumbled across a DIY kit that met my needs, available from Jaycar Electronics (kit number KC5378). I purchased some green diodes, resistors, bezels, enclosure (part number UB3) plus the kit for about $40.



The kit



The assembled kit



The assembled kit installed in the enclosure.

The wiring consists of:
- 12 volt supply (bridged to the common of the output relay)
- Negative (connected to the negative supply to the controlled output lights)
- switched 12 volt supply from the N/O contact on the output relay to the lights
- tacho input



This picture shows the completed control box and a set of LED lights that I was going to use.

I installed the control box behind the screen in the centre of the dash and picked up an ignition 12V source.


  I didn't end up using the LED array as shown but installed a clear, high quality red LED for visual indication.