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As with most cars, removing interior trims can be difficult as you need to work out what holds everything together. Following is some tips for removing the interior pieces.
Door Trims
Front Seats
Parcel Tray or access to CCS / GPS, etc (requires removal of consoles, rear seats, rear headrest trim)
Dash (access to cluster, etc)



Door Trims


There is a total of 4 phillips head screws to remove plus numerous clips to remove the door trims.

Tools Required:
Philips head screwdriver
Small flat blade screwdriver

Prise off the cap and remove the philips head screw in the top front corner of the door.  
Open door console, prise off the tapered covers over the retaining screws and remove with the philips head screwdriver.  
Open and hold interior door handle. Remove the small philips head screw holding the backing plate. With the handle still open, rotate the backing plate over and off the handle.  

Front Seats


Parcel Tray / CCS / GPS / etc  

To remove the parcel tray or get to some modules of the CCS, the rear interior needs to be removed. This includes the consoles and back seats and needs to be removed in the following order..

Tools required:
Philips head screwdriver
Small flat blade screwdriver
10mm socket
16mm socket
Ratchet drive
Short extension bar

Main Console.
* Adjust both seats to the fully forward position to avoid having to plug in the electric seat controller later.
With a small screwdriver, gently prise out the electric seat controller. Unplug and remove from vehicle.
Under the electric seat controller there is one philips head screw. Remove this.
Apply hand brake and with a small screwdriver prise off the plastic screw cover as showm. Remove this philips head screw.

Gently unclip the plastic surround.
Disconnect the plug that goes to the cigarette lighter.
Remove the surround and remove from vehicle.

Under where the cigarette lighter was there are 2 philips head screws. Remove these.
Open the console and remove the small mat at the bottom to expose 2 x philips head screws. Remove these.
Gently lift the console, disconnect any plugs that connect to the vehicle wiring (ionizer, video input, etc) and remove from vehicle.
Rear Seat Bases.
These are the next to be removed before the back centre console.
Reach under the seats and unclip the 2 clips that hold the seat down. The clips need to be pushed in an upwards direction.
Remove the seat bases from the vehicle.
Here's a pic of the underside of the seat showing the clips.
Rear Centre Console.
Use a 10mm socket and short extension bar and remove the bolt at the front of the rear console.
Using a 16mm socket, remove the bolts (one on each side) that hold the seatbelt anchor and the console.
Remove console from vehicle.
Headrest Section.
Using the 10mm socket, remove the nut behind where the rear centre console was.

* This section needs to come out in one piece so to make some room to remove it from the vehicle, remove the headrests from the front seats.

Gently pull out (towards the centre of the vehicle) the ends of the rear headrest section where they meet the door. There is one clip and one locating pin that need to be kept clear of their anchor points so the complete section can come forward towards the front of the vehicle.
While holding these clear of their anchor points (you can do one side at a time), pull the complete headrest section towards the front of the vehicle from the rear corners.
Once unclipped this can be removed from the vehicle.

Seat Backs.
Using the 10mm socket and short extension, remove the nuts along the top and behind where the rear centre console was (4 nuts each side in total).
When the nuts are removed, lift the seat backs gently upwards as there is a locating leg at the bottom near the door.

Once these sections are out you can access the CCS system, etc.

Reinstall in opposite order of removal.
Dash and instrument Cluster  
The best reason to remove the dash and cluster is to clean it. Hopefully thats all you need to do.  
First thing, pop out the speakers and centre telephone mic. They should come out ok but a small flat blade screwdiver might help here. Under each speaker is a 10mm bolt. Take these out. * There's nothing to remove from the centre insert beyond popping it out.  
Open both doors, remove the insert piece at the top of perspex dash and remove the 10mm bolts underneath.Carefully pull the dash towards you. It might take a bit of weight but there's nothing holding it any longer except a few clips.  
Carefully feed the speakers, etc though their mounting holes and remove the dash from the vehicle.  

Remove the(Milano wood) trim piece. Start on the passenger side and firmly lift the trim using a wide blade screwdriver or better. There are about 8 clips across the width of the trim and caution must be taken at each release.
**Note that OEM has a retainer that can be accessed by removing the steering column covers and lower dash piece. Release this first if applicable!.

Ok, all philipps head screws are now exposed to remove the dash inteface.  
Remove all screws but DO NOT attempt to remove from vehicle.