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Oil and Filter Change in a 20B

One of the simplest tasks to carry out yourself is the engine oil and oil filter change. I recommend that the engine oil should be changed every 5,000 kilometres maximum. I also recommend to change the oil filter with each oil change.

To be perfectly honest, it is easier to carry out this important piece of maintenance yourself than taking your car to a mechanic. If you have insuffient tools to carry out this task, you should seriously consider purchasing them as they will pay for themselves many times over.

* The most important recommended workshop accessory is a floor jack and stands. These are compulsory for our cars and make for an easy, safe work environment. Please DO NOT access the underside of your car with only a jack supporting it.

DO NOT carry out this service while the engine is hot.


Tools Required:
Drop Sheet
19mm ring spanner
Plastic bag

Materials Required:
6 litres x suitable engine oil
1 x oil filter (Ryco Z436 or equivalent)


Step 1
Jack up the car, place on stands, and lay drop sheet to avoid staining the floor from any inadvertant spillage. Open bonnet.


Step 2
Identify the engine oil drain plug (19 mm). Using the ring spanner, loosen the plug slightly.
Install the bucket under the drain plug to catch the old engine oil. Remove the drain plug and allow old engine oil to drain into the bucket.Wait until all the oil has drained and replace the drain plug. Remove the bucket and tighten the drain plug with the ring spanner. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN! Wipe any excess oil from the underside of the sump.


Step 3
Prepare the new filter by removing from any packaging and smearing a light coating of clean oil to the rubber seal.


Step 4
Locate the oil filter at the rear of the engine bay (red filter in centre of photograph). Have the plastic bag on hand to immediately put the old filter into. Unscrew by hand anticlockwise. Note that the filter should only be hand tight. As the filter unscrews, be prepared for slight spillage of oil so have a rag handy to absorb the waste.As the filter disengages from the mounting, dispose of it immediately into the plastic bag to avoid further spillage. Install the new filter and tighten. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN! Wipe any excess oil.

  Step 5
Jack up car, remove jack stands and lower to the ground.

Step 6
Remove the oil filler cap and refill engine oil.( It is good practice to place a piece of rag around the filler cap to absord any spillage.) The 20B takes approximately 6 litres, so add approximately 5.5 litres, allow oill to settle and run down into the sump and check level with the dip stick. The level should be just under the full mark.
Replace the oil filler cap and run the engine for the appropriate time to avoid flooding. (Note: the oil filler cap should be replaced prior to starting the engine.)
Allow to sit for a few minutes to allow oil to settle and recheck oil level with the dip stick. Add appropriate amount to bring the level up to the full mark on the dip stick.

  Close bonnet, put the tools away and dispose of the waste oil thoughtfully!
Thats it! It's also a good time to quickly check your other fluid levels.