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Leather Treatment

The Cosmo has a lot of leather: door trims, dash, seats, consoles, the trim around the CCS, steering wheel covers and the steering wheel itself. This makes the leather a major appearance factor.
Rather than take it to a professional, I thought I would carry out the work myself to save costs. The results have been very good and this is worthwhile to do yourself if you have some patience and basic skills.
Apart from the materials you need from the leather care supplier, the only tools you require are the ones needed to remove the interior pieces. It is highly recommended to take the leather pieces from the car for recolouring to give yourself the best chance of doing the job well.

I browsed around the internet and found a supplier called Leatherique (www.leatherique.com.au) and initially purchased the Rejuvenating Oil and Prestine Clean. There's probably other products out there but Leatherique are obviously dedicated to leather treatment as their market so good information and customer service is assured.
Depending on the condition of your leather you can only do a "deep clean" and rejuvenate the leather, or continue on after that with a recolour. I went for a full recolour and was extremely satisfied with the results.

The instructions from Leatherique are quite good and there's not much point in me adding any tips that I learnt on the way as the best application methods become quite evident when work is in progress.

Leatherique's instructions are here:

And the products here: