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Relocation of Igniters

The idea to relocate the igniters initially came from Dave at DMRH. The logic being that the original position of the igniters has poor air flow and subsequent poor cooling characteristics. Its sensible to conclude that the ignition circuit must suffer at times of high duty cycle and temperatures.
Since completing this small project, I have shown Rotor Master the set up and he agrees it is much preferable than the original configuration. (Rotor Master also advised that the igniters are prone to failure. This modification may well prolong igniter life by reducing the extreme operating conditions.)
To eliminate having to extend wiring harnesses, a position in front of the battery was chosen where significantly more air flow and cooling capability is available.


The existing location of the igniters.



The intended position - in front of the battery for better air flow and cooling.



Flat aluminium bar
6) 1" x 1/4" bolts
10) nuts to suit
18) flat washers to suit
6) spring washers to suit




The aluminium bar was bent in a vice with a hammer to suit the angle of the side inner guard and the front mount position (see below).

* Note: I would reduce the length of the longer section of the aluminium bar by 10mm if I were to do this again. This would allow slightly easier fitting.

Mount the igniters to the aluminium bar as shown.



Remove the battery.

Drill a hole in the short end of the aluminium bar where it will bolt to the inner guard. In the centre will do as you'll need to drill the guard to install the bolt.

Hold aluminium bar in place and mark:
- hole for bolt in inner guard
- hole for bolt in aluminium bar to align with the existing hole in the front bodywork.

Drill the hole through the guard and paint for rust prevention.
Drill the hole in the aluminium bar for the front mount.

Install a bolt (top right hand corner of picture) through the existing hole in the bodywork and retain in position with a nut and washers.
Install a bolt through the inner guard (middle left of picture) and retain in position with a nut and washers.

  Bolt aluminium bar and igniters in place, reinstall battery and plug igniters in.

The completed job.

I may add some heat sinks to the front of the igniters to further improve cooling.