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Fuel Tank and Pump Removal

The Cosmo is somewhat known for developing corrosion in the fuel tank. In many instances it may be due to the time lapse while importing to Australia where the vehicle may sit for some time without use. So it may be a good idea to check the inside of your tank and the immersed fuel pump filter at some stage.


Drain the fuel tank by syphoning all fuel.

Open the boot and remove the bottom carpet and vertical cover by removing the "push" clips. This will expose the fuel tank.



The exposed fuel tank (note this picture shows the tank with the hold-down bolts removed):



Disconnect the filler hose and return line from the drivers side of the tank at the most convenient place.



Disconnect on top of the tank the 3 fuel ines and the electrical plug to the pump / gauge sensor. Remove the 2 bolts holding the straps at the bottom of the tank. Remove the straps by pushing towards the front of the car (they clip in at the front) and pulling backwards.



Remove the tank.





Remove the philips head screws holding the pump in and remove pump.

Check inside the tank for any corrosion / debris and remove / clean as necessary.


  The fuel pump assembly.


  The filter.