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Fuel Filter Change

Fuel filters are generally overlooked in routine servicing but are an important part of maintaining your car for optimal efficiency nevertheless.
The Cosmo fuel filter isn't available in Australia but Mazda Part No. BP01-20-490B99 - Filter ID (EGI) BG/DB will fit ok.
You'll need a jack and stands, plus the usual hand tools to change the fuel filter.


Jack up and place on stands the front passenger side of the Cosmo. Sometimes the hardest part is just finding it. Its hidden under a galvanised bash plate at the base of the passenger side firewall. You'll need a 10mm socket and spanner to remove the plate to access the filter.
Thats the plate to remove at the top of the picture.



This is the plate when removed.



You'll then be able to see the filter where its mounted at the base of the firewall with the top hose going up into the engine bay.

Undo the bottom hose clamp with a pair of pliers and disconnect the hose (watch for a small fuel spillage).

The top hose isn't quite so easy. I found it best to locate where the fuel line joins the metal pipe in the engine bay and disconnect it there rather than at the top of the filter.

Undo the 2 x 10mm bolts holding the filter to the firewall and remove.



You'll need to swap the mounting bracket and top fuel line from the old filter to the new.



Here's the new filter ready to be reinstalled in the reverse order of the above directions.