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Wiring for Thermo Fans and Electric Water Pump

* This isn't so much a "how to" as a demonstration of some of the products available that can ensure modifications maintain a high standard.

With a lot of wiring jobs, components such as relays and fuses need to be added, sometimes one at a time without a clear picture of the extent of what components will be ultimately required. So what tends to happen is a bit of a mess with relays and fuses cable tied into various locations where it seemed a good idea at the time. I'm sure a lot of people have suffered this fate.
So the three relays and four fuses (EWP, 2 x thermo fans, thermo switch) ended up quite an eyesore and difficult to troubleshoot if something went wrong.


I purchased:
1 x fuse box (blade type to remain consistent with other fuses)
3 x relay bases
Part numbers:
Hella 8720 (x 1, about $25 from AutoOne)
Hella 4973 (x 3, about $9 each)

These bases (Hella 4973) are extremely good as they accommodate relays of any common configuration and also lock together.

  All the components that will run through this fuse box will run independently of the ignition status (ie they will operate whether the vehicle is running or the key removed). Therefore the fuse box is being supplied directly from the battery using the heaviest gauge cable practical. Note all spade terminals are also soldered to ensure a reliable connection.


  There's really no point in going into any further detail, except to say the final result is satisfying for both aesthetic purposes as well as electrical integrity.