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  With a little bit of research it is easy to conclude that the belt driven water pump is substantially detrimental to engine efficiency. Some of the estimates regarding power consumed to run the pump are quite alarming to say the least. Even using the most conservative estimates, power / efficiency gains should be easily achieved.
Recognising that there is a certain risk associated with this modification, the EWP is to be initially installed to work in conjunction with the belt driven pump. The initial electrical installation will run the EWP in parallel with the primary thermo fan as installed here. This will provide operation through both the aftermarket temperature switch and also the OEM electric temperature controls.
  Manufacturers brochure:



  Manufacturers instructions:



  The EWP unit:


  Rather than cut up the OEM radiator hose, one was sourced that provided a good 90 degree bend and a couple of kinked sections to use for installation.
This hose proved suitable:



Here's the lower radiator hose where the EWP needs to fit:



  With a bit of manipulating, the EWP was sucessfully installed and fitted with good quality stainless steel worm drive hose clamps.