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Removing the OEM Radio.

If you read the Mazda / Eunos workshop manual, or do an online search about removing the OEM radio, the first thing they say is that you need “special tools”.
 I thought – “I’ll need to go to the audio shop or buy the tools. Two options:
- An hour to drive there and wait (even if they don’t charge me), and then have a gaping hole in my dash until I fit the new unit;
- Or the expense and a week wait for my own “special tools”.
Both these options suck. I wanna pull out my own radio. Why so hard?

As it turns out, this isn’t the case at all. See the following quick and easy guide on how to remove the radio unit. From getting the coathanger to the radio sitting on the bench was less than 5 minutes.




First thing, have a good look at your radio and identify the 4 rubber plugs on the side of the unit. Gently pry these out with a small screwdriver (note the plugs are already removed in the photo).


Grab a wire coathanger from  your cupboard (where do these things come from anyway?)



Use a pair of pliers and cut 2 pieces just under 200mm (8”) long and bend each into a U shape. This doesn’t have to be very accurate, just make sure each end is about the same length.


  Jump in the car and where the rubber plugs were insert your “special tools”. Just bend them a bit to make them fit. Initially they’ll stop so just wriggle them around a bit so they go in a bit further.  The picture doesn’t really show it but they need to go in on a slight angle outwards towards the front of the car. Now I look at it – the photo sort of shows the opposite – curved end is inwards towards the middle of the car – just a bit.


  When they’re both seated firmly, gently ease the “special tools” outwards. Photo – thumb is going to the left. It’s coming out!



Do the same on both sides and for the other radio / CD unit. It couldn’t be easier and exposes the scam that is this particular “special tool” requirement.




I don’t know why I even bothered to write this up it’s so easy – hopefully I’ll save someone else that hour or the cost of a set of prefabricated pieces of bent wire.
This also demonstrates that YOUR RADIO IS NOT SAFE! If you’re like me, I thought criminals wouldn’t carry “special tools”. They don’t need to and probably know this.