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Installation of Power Window Module

The instructions for the installation of the power window module (see recent teamEunos Group Buy) are in such poor English as to render them quite useless for a quick and easy install. Having now installed a number of these units into the Eunos range (30X and Cosmo), we now have sufficient knowledge to give concise instructions to greatly assist the installation of the module.
These instructions are for TWO windows only, operated from the drivers door switch. If you have a four window Eunos, or wish to operate the sunroof, extra wiring will be required.
This method will operate the "windows up" function every time the drivers door is locked.



The kit.




Identify the components:
1. Control Module
2. Main harness
3. Cable ties
4. Mounting pad (optional)
5. Instruction Manual (not required)
6. Relay (not required)
7. Relay harness (not required)
8. Diode (not required)



Tools and materials required:
Electric soldering iron
Extension lead
Insulation tape
Extra cable ties
Standard hand tools (screwdriver, pliers, etc)




Preperation 1.
Open the Control Module by removing the 4 philips head screws in the back. Remove printed circuit board.
Ensure "control Input" is bridged for positive operation (see pic).
Remove bridges on "IC, J5, J4 and J3" (see pic).
Install PC board back into housing and reinstall the 4 screws.



Preperation 2.
Untie and straighten all wires in the Main Harness.
Identify and seperate the following wires:
White x 2
Brown / white
Green white
Brown / black
Green / black.
These are the wires you wish to KEEP (9 wires total).

The remainder of the wires are UNNEEDED. Cut these wires about 50mm from the plug and tape them to the remaining wires for neatness. Ensure you tape the ends of the wires so they cannot short to anything.
Using a couple of cable ties, neatly tie all the wires together for a distance of 200mm or so.


Installation Step 1.
Locate a suitable position under the drivers side of the dash for the Control Module. In the 30X we cable tied it to the large wiring loom located above, and towards the front of the car of the fuse box. Two cable ties installed through the Module's mounting holes fixed it securely.
Plug the main wiring harness into the Control module.



Inatallation Step 2.
Remove the drivers door trim (3 screws + clips).
Locate the existing wires that run from under the dash into the drivers door.
Locate and seperate the 5 wires from the Control Module:
Brown / white
Green white
Brown / black
Green / black
These wires need to be run into the drivers door, so feed them through with the existing wiring and neatly cable tie both under the dash and within the door. Cable tie them to the base of the Power Window Switch. Ensure the cable routing within the door runs with the exising wiring to avoid fouling of the wires with the window.
The blue wire needs to be extended past the window control switch to near the far end of the door where there are two plugs.
At this stage it is suggested you print the attached Power Window System Diagram and Door Lock Diagram showing the wiring modifications.



Installation Step 3.
* As per pictures.
At the window control switch, identify and cut approximately 50mm from the plug:
- the RED / BLACK wire
- the GREEN / WHITE wire.
As per the diagram and photos, connect the wires from the Window Module to:
- BROWN / BLACK to GREEN / WHITE that goes to the Window Switch
- GREEN / BLACK to the other GREEN / WHITE wire (to passenger switch)
- BROWN / WHITE to the RED / BLACK that goes to the Window Switch
- GREEN / WHITE to the other RED / BLACK (to drivers window motor)

Locate the GREEN / RED wire in the plug near the extremity of the door and connect the BLUE wire from the Window Module.

* As per pictures.

Solder all joints, tape and neatly cable tie all cabling.

Reinstall door trim.










Installation Step 4.
Connect the BLACK wire from the Window Module to ground. A good ground point can be found near the bonnet opener just under the dash (see picture).
Connect the RED and two WHITE wires from the Window module to a constant 12 volt supply. Note this supply needs to have sufficient current available to run the power windows. A good place to pick this supply up is the 12 volt supply to the interior fuse box. The appropriate cable is WHITE / RED, located at the top rear of the fuse box and can be spliced into using a razor blade. Solder and tape this join.



Ensure your windows are in the down position, lock doors and they should wind up in sequence. Test with remote locking if applicable.