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Replacing the Gear Oil Eunos 30X.

Having good quality oil in the gearbox not only provides maximum protection for the transmission, but also may provide better gear shifting. A benefit of good quality oil is that it may never require replacement as it can be scheduled at 400,000 miles.
I've installed the Redline Lightweight Shockproof into mine and the improved quality of shifts is noticible.


3 x quarts of oil (3 litres)
23mm ring spanner
Small funnel and tubing ($2 from local harware store)

Floor jack
Drop Sheet



Step 1
Jack up car, place on stands and lay out drop sheet.

Note: All 4 corners should be jacked up and placed on stands so the car is level if you want to check the gear oil level on filling (see below).



Step 2
Identify the drain plug:



and the filler plug:



Step 3
Place the bucket under the drain plug and remove the plug with the 23mm ring spanner. Allow all oil to drain from gearbox.

Replace drain plug and tighten with the spanner.

Note: Do not overtighten!


Step 4
Open the bonnet and feed the plastic tube down from inside the engine bay.

From under the car, remove the filler plug with the 23mm ring spanner and push the end of plastic tubing into the filler hole.

Pour the gear oil into the gearbox through the funnel. (Please note recommended amount is 2.9 quarts, or 2.7 litres. My car takes exactly 3 quarts.)

Note: The correct level of the gear oil is to the bottom of the filler hole. This means that enough oil should be added until oil seeps out of the filler hole.

When sufficient oil is added, remove the tubing, replace filler plug and tighten with spanner. Do not overtighten!

Wipe up any excess oil around the drain and filler plugs, place the funnel and tubing into a plastic bag for future use, dispose of the waste oil appropriately, lower car to the ground, put away the tools and drop sheet, and its ready to roll again!


Note: It may take anything up to 100 kilometres of driving before the full benefit of the new oil is felt.