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Gear Control Arm Replacement



If you have any "sloppiness" in your gear stick, the problem may be in the transfer of movement between the gear stick and the gear box.

The manual gear selector control arm in the 30X has four replaceable bushes plus two that are held in place by a pin rather than a bolt. See the parts catalogue diagram agjacent.
With the age and kilometres rising on most 30Xs, it is becoming more common for "low wear" parts to wear out. The pinned bushes are an example.
My initial thoughts were to remove the pin with a grinder and replace the pin with a bolt after the installation of new bushes. On investigation it was concluded that this solution would not be acceptable. The installation of a bolt will result in the bolt head and / or nut coming into contact with body parts in the immediate area, creating an obstruction which would be felt through the gear changing mechanism.
The only real solution is to replace the whole control arm as the Eunos engineers must have envisiged.
The OEM contol arm is currently available through Mazda but appears to be limited in number. It may be sensible to procure the part while stocks exist as it would appear unlikey another manufacturing run will take place. The alternative is to reuse the exiting pin through workshop engineering. While this will always be possible, the work and associated cost will be far greater than the cost of an "off the shelf" replacement as available now.
The cost is approximately $60.
The labour content is about half an hour and should be carried out by the vehicle owner - it is straight forward and utilising a mechanic is unnecessary given the ease of replacement.
Ii is highly recommended to replace the four bushes at the same time (maximum price $10 each).


The Parts

Available from Mazda while stocks last.



The bushes.

These bushes also fit the MX6 so availability is okay.



The Tools

13mm socket & short extension
2 x 12mm spanners


Step 1

Jack up car and place on stands.

The higher the better as the front (gearbox) end requires a bit of room to manipulate the bolt back in....



Step 2

Locate where the control arm bolts to the gearbox selector.

Remove the 13mm nut and push the bolt upwards and remove.

Disengage arm from selector.



Step 3

Remove the nut and bolt from the base of the gear stick.

Disengage arm from the gear stick.

Remove from vehicle.



Step 4

Replace both front and back bushes (4 in total) and install new control arm in reverse of the above directions.

Note: Do not overtighten the linkage bolts as the linkage arm bracket will compress against the shifter bushings and prevent the linkage moving freely!


As you can see from the photo, the original arm had no bushings left so the freeplay was substantial.

Movement in the new arm bushings was non existent.

The improvement was substantial.