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Removing the Instrument Cluster from a Eunos 30X.

There are numerous reasons why the removal of the instrument cluster may be necessary, from the repair of gauges, replacement of lamps, or upgrading the gauge faces. Our goal was to upgrade the lighting colour from the standard green to blue.
At first look the actual removal of the cluster may look daunting due to the amount of dash trimming that needs to be removed and lack of obvious mounting points. In reality the task is straight forward and only needs the use of a medium size philips head screwdriver.
The following is a description of how to remove the cluster, with the reverse of the procedure necessary for the reinstallation.




Step 1
Remove the console section by removing the 4 screws (2 on drivers side, 2 on passengers side) located as shown. For easy access to the screws, slide both the drivers seat and passenger seats fully forward to access the rear screws, and fully backward to access the front screws.
Once all four screws are removed, remove the console assembly by lifting over the handbrake lever and remove from vehicle.



Step 2
Remove the 2 screws and 2 “push plugs” (one of each on drivers side, one of each on passengers side) from the front of the gear stick plastic surround as shown. Remove the gear knob by unscrewing anti-clockwise. Detach the leather gear stick shroud from the groove in the gear stick. Gently remove the surround piece by lifting over the gear stick and maneuver the surround so as to see the rear of the cigarette lighter socket. Unplug the cigarette lighter wiring and unplug / unscrew the illuminator light wiring (for the cigarette lighter socket surround). You can now remove this piece of trim from the vehicle.



Step 3
Remove the two piece steering column cover by removing the three (or 4) screws from underneath. Once undone and the 2 sections separated, remove the key light lamp and lampholder from the bottom section (this is an interference fit and will pull straight out). Remove the 2 sections from the vehicle.


  Step 4
The remaining piece of dash trim required to be removed is in one piece.
Remove the 2 screws that have been exposed by the removal or the gear stick surround under the radio as shown.
Remove the 2 screws adjacent to the steering column (one on each side of the column) as shown.
Remove the cover from the speaker on top of the dash (it just clips out) and remove the 2 philips head screws underneath.
Now the main section of dash is ready to be removed. Lift and pull towards the rear of the car. Once the trim is separated from the main dash, reach behind and unplug the hazard and rear demister switches. Once these 2 switches are disconnected, completely remove the trim and remove from vehicle.


  Step 5
Now the instrument cluster mountings are exposed and you can clearly see the 4 mounting screws as shown. Remove these 4 screws and move the cluster forward enough to remove the 3 electrical plugs from the rear. Once these are removed, the cluster can be removed from the vehicle for repair or modification as required.