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Eunos 800

10 Untold Stories

This is a Mazda publication centred on the concepts, design and manufacture of the Eunos 800.

The book is an excellent resource and should be read by all Eunos enthusiasts.

Cover, introduction and contents

Chapter 1 - 1968, A Milestone Year

Chapter 2 - Craftsmen Without Tool Boxes

Chapter 3 - Challenging Convention

Chapter 4 - Artistry In Metal ( MB)

Chapter 5 - Interesting Reading, Circa 1964

Chapter 6 - Interpreting Sensations, Roads of Europe

Chapter 7 - "Roasting the Chicken"

Chapter 8 - Making a List, Checking it Twice

Chapter 9 - Is This Any Way to Build an Automobile?

Chapter 10 - New Perspectives, New "Passport"

Final Pictorial Pages

* Higer resolution scans are available. Please contact me with the page numbers desired.