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Eunos JC Cosmo 2008
December 18 2008

Since installing the coilovers, the front guards / tyres have been rubbing on full steering lock. To make it worse, the passenger side lip had folded down some degrees and was cutting the outside of the tyre.
Today I "lipped" the guards (bent the inside "flap" upwards) to hopefully prevent them touching in the future.

I also carried out a waterless wash and cleaned the wheels, which is pretty regular but not recorded here.

November 20 2008

Carried out an oil change - stuck with the HPR 10 as it still seems to be the best.
I've been enjoying the Cosmo for some months without any significant changes, that's why recent updates to this site have been sparse. I've got a few ideas though that I'm looking at trying over the summer months.... I've also been spending time spending some time improving and setting up the new house, the garage / workshop has come along pretty well.

August 14 2008
The front tyres were replaced and a four wheel alignment was done.
August 13 2008
Had the coilovers installed today - what a huge difference! I adjusted dampening on the front ones two turns back and the rear three turns. With a conservative 15 mm drop they ride very well and comfortably. The difference in handling is substantial. I'm quite suprised how much better it could be improved from stock. Recommended upgrade A+++.
August 6 2008

Did the Meguiars leather treatment again - only to the front seats, which get most of the wear. Next time around I'll do a proper job with the Leatherique oils. Hmm, I was gonna provide a link there but found I have no suitable pics..... I'll fix that as their products are the best around, without doubt. Leatherique supply products that are of the standard and quality that the professional restorers don't want us small blokes to know about. (*Added now.)
Also have lined up with my mechanic (Carpro Castle Hill) to install the coilovers next week.
Will arrange in advance for a couple of new front tyres and a four wheel alignment to correspond with the pickup.

July 18 2008
We've moved houses which has been taking up all of my spare time. So a couple of pics of the new garage may be appropriate. 1 2 3 4
July 17 2008
Picked up a Cosmo parts book which is pretty rare. 1 2 I have been trying for a long time to get one of these - either a soft copy of a hard copy. In time I will scan it for easy access and preservation.
June 26 2008
Registered the Cosmo for another year. Passed the inspection ok. The only noticible item it could have failed from was a worn inside front tyre (the fronts are still the original ones from import). Will get new front tyres when the coilovers go in when a wheel alignment will be necessary anyway.
May 30 2008
For some years I've used a cheap, non-automatic battery charger and have a portable jump start to get me out of trouble to get a flat battery back in action. Time came for a better charger so I purchased a Powertech 12 amp (selectable 6 amp) fully automatic charger. Now I've used it a few times, I can recommend it as providing a good quick charge and being good value for money. Pic
May 21 2008
Picked up the coilovers. 1 2
May 17 2008

Have put my hand up for some coilovers. These were a recent "group buy" arranged, and subsequently imported by another enthusiast, Simon. I initially didn't take part in the group buy as I was distracted by other issues such as the ECU upgrade, EWP controller, moving houses, etc, etc.
Now with the opportunity to secure this modification, I'm quite excited to improve the handling characteristics of the Cosmo and thank Simon for the trouble he's taking.
*Note: these won't be installed until we move into our new home, sometime after June 20, 2008. The 4 car garage should make working and maintaining the Cosmo much more convenient and enjoyable.

May 10 2008
Had the exhaust modified. The "hot dog" just after the cat converter had partially collapsed and the cat had disintegrated internally leaving a hollow chamber for the exhaust gases to build up pressure.
The mufflers fitted are of the "chamber" type which are poor performers at high load. This is something to look at in the future, replacement with straight though mufflers would be advantageous.
The flow should now be much better after our modifications and the system is substantially quieter.1 2 3 4 5 6
I highly recommend Bruce at Charlestone Exhaust (see suppliers).
March 8 2008
Took the Cosmo to Carpro in Castle Hill to see if I could use their pressure testing equipment. The use of the equipment became unnecessary as the leak was more obvious and traced to a 10mm hose at the rear of the engine.
Purchased a "Z hose" from Repco, cut it to suit and installed. Problem solved.
March 7 2008
Discovered a coolant leak. Unsure of where it is originating but appears to be the lower drivers side of the engine bay (turbo vicinity?). Coolant loss was minimal - cooling system full after cool down but overflow tank down approximately 500mm. Could not reproduce the leak in the garage at idle so will need some more investigation.
February 28 2008

Installed the ECU after receiving it back from Do Engineering yesterday. The problems experienced with the first one received appear to be sorted out. I have experienced no fuel (boost) cut and the vehicle is seriously more responsive than previous. I will add details of this upgrade when time permits.

I have received the EWP controller back from Davies Craig and will be installing this over the next few days.

I have recently moved house so time available for input into the Cosmo has been limited.

January 4- 31 2008

Have been busy with the previous 2 x projects - the ECU and EWP controller.

At this stage neither have come to fruition and more time is required on both. Each issue is currently out of my hands but will comment further when the issues are sorted.

January 3 2008
Picked up the Electric Water Pump controller, relays and sensor installation kit. These will be installed over the coming weeks, with the mechanical pump remaining in conjunction until the operation / reliability of the EWP can be proven.
January 2 2008

Received the ECU back from Do Engineering. Am looking forward to the results!