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Eunos JC Cosmo 2007
December 26 2007

Did the leather treatment again. Takes quite some time but the results are noticable so worthwhile.

* Note about the "fan running" LED. This small modification is fantastic as it indicates the cooling requirements for the 20B. They are not suprising and are demonstative of driving / driver input. Very worthwhile.

Have been spending considerable time getting the "data" section of the web site up to date.

December 19 2007
Have hooked up a "fan running" LED light to the thermo fans. While its not failsafe, at least I will know that the control circuit is operable. This will give me some security that I know the controls are working ok and gives me a 3 bang failure to be critical. The LED is tucked out of the passengers direct view and is pretty discrete. Pic
December 14 2007
In view of the major modifications made to the cooling system and a reliance on electrical power, an extra warning device would seem appropriate. I have installed an adjustable temperature monitoring thermistor with an LED indicator to give warning of an over temperature condition. The warning LED is mounted adjacent the DVD player and being a water lense is sufficiently discrete when not illuminated. 1 2 3
December 12 2007
Have finally hooked up an output to the shift light an LED mounted adjacent the DVD player.
December 10 2007
Have paid Do Engineering for the ECU modifications. Am hoping to receive it before Christmas which would be reasonable given the international $$ transfer is "same day" and freight time is less than a week. Fingers crossed! Thanks again to DMRH for organising this modification and advice!
December 1 2007
Did some more patching of the paint, this time on the rear bar (note the first pic is after initial sanding). 1 2 3 4
November 23 2007
After the success of the Air Fuel ratio LEDs, I thought it better to install something a bit more substantial and accurate. I went for the Jaycar display kit as detailed here.
November 16 2007
Went to start the Cosmo and found the battery was flat. Put the charger on and several hours later, while the cranking was now good, it refused to start. Suspecting fuel flooding due to the earlier "slow cranking" problem, the plugs were removed, cleaned, and the system cranked to blow out excessive fuel. Plugs back in but still no luck.
A phone call to Dave from DMRH and he was over to lend a hand. After further diagnosis, the problem was found to be the exact opposite than originally thought - fuel pump failure. So the tank out, unseize the pump and running again.
My sincere thanks to Dave - he goes much further than what would be expected reasonable to assist Cosmo owners, and while I was willing to give up at 7:30PM on a Saturday night when the problem was diagnosed, he was willing to follow it right through immediately.
November 12 2007
Checked out some brake discs and calipers. Unfortunately the calipers don't fit my rims. I'd need about an 8mm spacer and longer wheel studs to make them fit (or replace the rims).
Its unfortunate as the ones on offer are considerably bigger and more effective than the stock Cosmo setup.
November 9 2007

ECU is in Japan:

Thank you for your order. Reaching your luggage,we will check the ECU and reply the schedule.
Best regards,

November 6 2007
Sent the ECU off to Do Engineering in Japan for modifications.
November 2 2007
Have got the Air Fuel Ratio display working satisfactorily. I've got it on a push button that will need to be changed to a switch to make it more user friendly (Switch installed November 4, 2007). Interesting to see the operation of the ECU's control over the fuel management displayed so graphically.
It may seem a while between entries into this worklog but you can rest assured there has been plenty of ongoing input into the Cosmo, perhaps not enough to qualify reporting on.
October 13 2007
Completed the wiring upgrade for the EWP and thermo fans.
The AF ratio display is installed and connection to the oxygen sensor at the ECU is required to complete its installation. Hopefully will have it done in the next few days.
October 10 2007
Have started 2 more small projects. First is a Air / Fuel Ratio display and the second "stand alone" electrical protection of the EWP and thermo fans. The first is because I'm getting a bit concerned that I can't monitor the AF ratios, which makes me a bit paranoid, the second just to clean up the wiring now I'm satisfied with the upgrade and won't consider going back to the OEM system.
Both are inexpensive and worthwhile improvements.
October 8 2007
Replaced the spark plugs.
October 5 / 6 2007
Adjusted the thermo fans / EWP thermo switch up a fraction as it was considered the temperature threshold was slightly too low. This became obvious in the warmer weather.
A drive to Bathurst (over the Blue Mountains) and back demonstrated that the new setting is more appropriate. ie, less fan / EWP operation but consistent temperature maintenance.
September 30 2007
Carried out some more power runs under different boost controller settings. The results are here. Given that I can only apply moderate throttle (to avoid fuel cut) to achieve the best time, I'm quietly confident that when I can be more aggressive there is room for some significant improvement still.
September 29 2007

Carried out some power runs using the Passport G-Timer GT2.
Some very interesting results were experienced, especially considering that the Cosmo still has the factory fuel cut.
Thanks to DMRH I am in the process of getting the factory ECU upgraded through DO Engineering. RE Amemiya no longer do ECU upgrades for the JC Cosmo. Therefore I thought it important to do these power runs at this time as it will be interesting to compare after the installation of the upgraded ECU.

September 14 2007

Have been installing a new exhaust over the last few days and took the Cosmo for its first (and 2nd and 3rd) drive this evening. The basic specs are:
- One piece system (no flanges); 3 inch from turbo back, down to single cat, split to 2.5 inch twin pipes through Lukey performance mufflers, in mild steel.
The performance increase is very significant, substantially noticeable around 3,500 rpm and quite extreme around 4,200 rpm as the second turbo kicks in. The whole vehicle's characteristics are changed, providing a much different driving experience.
I would like to thank the seller of this system for both his ongoing courtesy and the trouble he went to to allow me to pick it up. Good to see us Cosmo blokes stick together! You know who you are mate, well done and thanks! (And you're right - it is loud, but not offensively. The jury is still out on whether it's too loud.)

September 5 2007
Installed the EWP.
September 1 2007
Picked up an electric water pump (EWP) from Rocket Industries. Davies Craig EWP-110. Will be installing very soon. Initially it will only be installed as a booster to operate when the thermo fans run. Installation of the digital controller, removal of the thermostat and removal of mechanical water pump will follow at a later date after I'm comfortable with the capabilities of the EWP.
This is an upgrade I'm quite excited with. The removal of the mechanical clutch cooling fan has made the Cosmo very different to drive. It's anticipated the EWP will make a substantial improvement as well.
August 23 2007
Passenger seat went in tonight, all good!
August 22 2007
Twin thermo fans are installed now and the mechanical clutch fan, OEM thermo fan and shroud have been removed. Am doing a write up here that will be completed in the next couple of weeks.
August 17 2007
Have started a project to get rid of the mechanical clutch cooling fan.
August 12 2007
One of the weakest points cosmetically of my Cosmo has been the front seats. While they have been treated and recoloured, they don't quite match up to the standard of the rest of the car. So... cue in DMRH and a fresh set has been acquired. After treating with rejuvenating oil and recolouring, I'm well on the way to having a top class set of seats. 1 2 3
I won't bother recording any more about them here as the results are fairly obvious from the previous photos. The results can be seen in my next batch of photos.
August 4 2007

Now that the dash trim is done, the 2 timber pieces on the doors needed doing. So the door panels came off, the timber trims removed, cleaned and painted. 1 2
I also replaced all the trim clips, there is 8 per side and the details are:
Panel Pack
Part number TF37"
(5 per pack)
These are a perfect replacement for the original clips and are available from Repco.

August 3 2007
Replaced the wood grain dash trim with a plain trim from a Sports mode, which was sanded back and painted black. Big thanks to DMRH for sourcing one for me. I think it is a big improvement. Before After After
July 28 2007

Installed a fire extinguisher making use of the space where the OEM CD stacker was. 1 2 3 Importantly, the extinguisher chosen is held in by a wedge style bracket, not one that requires releasing a clamp prior to removal.
Also replaced the oil filler cap with a MazdaSpeed aftermarket style.

July 27 2007
Replaced engine oil and filter at 83,149.
July 16 2007
While the smoked glass that is standard in the Cosmo windows, I thought it time to apply some tinting. 1 2 3 4 In my opinion, the results are very very good.
July 8 2007
Am looking to get my ECU chipped. Swapped in the spare to check it operates ok so can stay mobile while I send it away.
June 10 2007
Late last year I installed a window close module. 9 times out of 10 I prefer to be able to power the windows down remotely, but occasionally I'd prefer to be able to open the boot. If I'm going into a shop, what I sometimes do is pop the boot before I go in so I can put my purchases in when I come out without messing around with such mundane things as keys. This isn't always ideal though - I came out of a shop the other day to find the wind had blown the boot lid up and the carpet and amp was getting wet.
Seeing as I usually know in advance if its the boot that I'll be wanting to open first thing, I installed a select switch so I can choose whether to open the windows or the boot with the remote.
June 1 2007
Replaced rear tyres 1 2
May 17 2007
Seeing that my 10 minute job of buffing the back of the Cosmo turned into an 8 hour job, I thought I might as well go the whole way. So I detailed the interior, including removing the little leather patches at the bottom of the door handles, heated them up, flattened them and reinstalled.Much better. The only thing left now is the wheels so I'll do them tomorrow.
May 16 2007

Because I'd buffed the old wax off, I needed to rewax the car. But first I repaired some bad paintwork on the front bar. After a good sand, a few coats of undercoat and several top coats, I rewaxed the whole car with Meguires Gold Class Wax.
I also applied RainX to all glass. Don't know why I hadn't done this before as it is a very good product.

May 15 2007
Buffed the back of the car to remove the stains caused by the exhaust. I found that the whole car could do with a polish as the rear ended up a slightly lighter colour, so I did the lot with Kitten No. 1 Cream Polishing Wax.
May 14 2007
Due to the heat generated by the 3 rotor engine, to reduce the chance of a heat spike after shutdown I installed a timer to control the thermo fan.
May 9 2007
Tinted rear taillights.
April 27 2007
Installed an alternate flashing unit to operate the front fog lights.
April 22 2007
Entered Dreamworkz car show as part of teamEunos. Won "Best Team Performance".
April 14 2007
Dyno results.
April 13 2007
Completed installation of the amplifier. 1 2 3 4 5
April 12 2007
Changed engine oil and filter.
Am installing an amplifier, all wiring done, just waiting for the amp to arrive.
April 7 2007
Traced the floor mats for another Cosmo owner who is looking to get some made up at some stage.
Have done just on 1,000 km since the rebuild so will do a few more and take to Rotormaster next Saturday for dyno.
April 5 2007
Installed intercooler water spray to improve intercooler efficiency.
March 31 2007
650 km done since rebuild. Took the car to Rotor Master for a quick check over. They advise all good and adjusted timing slightly. Need to do a few hundred more kilometres so we can dyno and run to full potential.
March 30 2007
Relocated igniters to improve cooling and efficiency.
March 17 2007
Tested for ECU fault codes - none logged.
March 11 2007
Fired up and took for a 40km test drive. Very smooth and feels good. Noticeable difference with engine behaviour both starting and stopping. Replacement turbos have no whistle and the accelerator much more responsive. Limited driving style to 4,000 rpm (so no second turbo kicking in) but the difference is a substantial improvement on past experience with performance.
Need to do 1,000 km at easy driving (4,500 rpm, minimal boost) which I intend to do quickly so as to get it on Rotormaster's dyno and determine output.
I am now using this Penrite oil.
March 3 2007
Picked up the engine from Rotor Master. Quick service and looks good. Have been working daily to prepare all components for re-installation and the timing has been tight.
February 24 2007

Engine delivered to Rotor Master for rebuild.
Cleaning, painting, servicing continues for all components.

February 21 2007
Engine removed from vehicle. Need to strip down to a bare block for mechanic.
February 12 2007
Serviced radiator. Numerous flushes, repair any bent fins, degrease, pressure clean, replace lower foam seal. (Seal fixed with high temperature sylastic.)
February 12 2007
Service injectors.
(PM from tech: " done the injectors... and everything was good. i flowed them b4 and after cleaning and there wasn't any change in them at all, they flowed to my specs anyway. i let them run in the machine for about 10 mins to see if anyone of them would play up too and nothing happened, i did all the tests i can do with my machine and everything came up good hey, anyways ive changed the seals and ive bagged them up and they r ready for the post.")

February 10 2007

Service starter motor. Strip, clean, lubricate bearings, sand commutator, test. Brushes excellent.
February 7 2007
The removal of the engine is progressing well. I removed the exhaust so took the opportunity to strip the internal of the pre-cat. This should improve exhaust flow and performance.
January 29 2007
There are a couple of strong options and it may take a week or so to determine which way to go depending on availability, etc.
So I have started the removal of the engine and will document the process here.
January 25 2007
Hadn't driven the car since Sunday so I though I'd go for a quick road test. Running very badly and a distinct "knock" from the engine. Returned home, removed the plugs and found no compression on the third rotor. Rebuild / replace time.
January 21 2007

For some time I've had a problem of the engine "missing" at about 2,000 rpm. The problem is inconsistent and more prevalent when hot. To date I have swapped the spark plugs, plug leads, coils and igniters with no improvement.
Took the vehicle to DMRH and we tested the fuel pump controls (all ok). The conclusion was to do a fuel pressure and compression test and if all ok, remove and service the injectors. Unfortunately after our spirited driving to demonstrate the fault, the fault remained permanently and I limped home, lucky to get it into the garage without stalling.

January 12 2007
Applied Meguires Gold Class Leather Treatment. The leather much improved.
January 11 2007
Reapplied Meguires Gold Class Wax.
January 8 2007
A small nuisance was the passenger floor mat would not sit flat. I pulled it out and, using an electric heat gun, gently heated the rubber backing and placed it under a heavy, flat weight and allowed it to cool. Pic
So now its nice and flat and one more little niggling problem out of the way.
January 2 2007
shift light done