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There's no compression on the third rotor so it's time to remove the engine for a rebuild. Following is a step by step description as to how I went about it.
The order that it's in may not be correct nor even logical at times. The purpose of documenting it is si I can reinstall the engine and all components after the rebuild in reverse order. I've left all linked photos in high resolution to provide better detail if needed at installation time.
Because of the size of this file, I've divided it into a few sections, this page that deals with what is required prior to removing the engine, a second page dealing with dismantling all the necessary components off the engine itself, and a third of what was done after the removal.

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Remove Engine:  
Remove undertray  
Pressure clean  
Disconnect battery  
Remove bonnet (unplug windscreen washer hose)
Remove plug leads  
Remove coil packs
Remove intercooler / radiator cover  
Remove intercooler pipework (2 x metal bends, 2 x rubber couplings)  
Remove air filter  
Disconnect air flow meter  
Unbolt AFM cable bracket from intake pipe
Remove intake hoses (2: 1 x large corrugated, 1 x smooth)


Disconnect boost solenoid valve hoses from turbos
Disconnect adjacent air hose
Remove power steering belt (first off last on)  
Remove air con belt  
Remove air pump belt - top bolt tightener; bottom bolt plus clamp; remove around fan  
Remove alternator belt - left bolt tightener; top adjuster plus clamp; remove around fan  
Disconnect water temp sensors (2)  
Disconnect alternator (plug plus post lug (plus ground wire kit wire to frame))  
Remove alternator and bracket (bracket bolt & adjuster reinstalled)

Remove ground strap (plus extra one) from engine to firewall
Disconnect and remove air pump (adjusting bracket and mounting bolt in bag)

Drain engine oil  
Drain coolant  


Remove top radiator hose
Disconnect coolant overflow hose  
Remove bottom radiator hose  
Remove bottom radiator hose (across)

Disconnect & drain ATF cooling hoses at base of radiator
Remove ATF cooling hose at radiator
Disconnect other ATF cooling hose at radiator and tape off
Unbolt radiator fan shroud (3 across both botton and top)

Unplug thermo fan cable  
Unplug radiator sensor cable  
Unbolt the above cable plugs bracket
Remove top radiator brackets (drivers side left in car)

Remove thermo fan  
Remove radiator  
Remove radiator shroud  
Remove radiator fan from engine  


MAP Sensor Area  
Remove MAP sensor vacuum hose
Disconnect and remove MAP sensor (label wiring)  
Remove alarm siren  
Remove vacuum hose from vac tank to engine
Remove charcoal cannister to engine hose  
Remove charcoal cannister to firewall hose
Remove (slide) charcoal cannister and disconnect bottom hose
Remove ground wire kit cable from manifold  
Disconnect and plug 2 x fuel hoses  
Remove 1 x 4mm vacuum hose (engine to fuel hose area)
Remove heater hose - firewall to block  
Remove 3/16 nut on starter motor holding loom saddle  
Remove 3/16 nut on loom @ 90 degree bend  
Remove lower 3/16 nut on 90 degree bend - accessible from below
Disconnect electrical plug adjacent to No. 2 Rotor spark plugs (low oil level)

Disconnect earth on bell housing by oil filter  
Unbolt (2) saddles 3/16 on main loom on firewall  
Disconnect and remove IAT  
Remove ATF tube bracket
Disconnect vacuum hose from front storage tank to inlet bracket
Remove vacuum hose from inlet bracket to engine
Unscrew throttle cable bracket from engine
Disconnect cruise control and main throttle cables

Unbolt throttle cable bracket near OEM boost solenoid, cut cable tie mount by secondary thermostat

Remove 2 x OEM boost solenoid vacuum hoses
Unplug OEM boost solenoid valve
Remove intake pipe


Disconnect boost gauge hose and block off manifold
Disconnect hose, rear of engine 20mm by ATFtube

Disconnect hose front of engine to drivers side oil coller and block off with bolt

Disconnect starter motor solenoid wire and label  
Disconnect starter motor power wire  
Remove starter motor


Remove power steering pump pulley


Remove 3 x bolts (top long) + one bottom back
Tie off clear of engine

Unplug power steering cable  
Disconnect air con compressor wires - "back and front"  
Unbolt compressor and tie clear (mounting bolts stayed on compressor)

Unbolt and remove multi pulley bracket (*Note - nuts have spacers + spring washers)

Disconnect hoses to oil cooler


Remove 2 x nuts on main exhaust flange
Remove 4 x nuts on cat converters
Remove bolt from bracket half way along pipe  
Remove rubber bracket
(Unwire muffler passenger side)  
Lever back cat converters and remove pipe
(Removed the internal of the pre-cat to improve exhaust performance.)
Remove saddle from oil cooler hose
Plus double saddle (long bolt)
Remove bolt at front of engine from ATF pipes

Remove ATF pipe bracket off engine mount


Unplug Heat Sensor Plug
Remove access plate (leave plug base connected to bracket and move clear)
Remove cross brace

Remove 4 x 14mm bolts inside access cover on the torque converter
(Note - special care and spanner required as these bolts are very tight and difficult to remove.)
Reinstall cross bar
Remove nuts (2 each side) from bottom of engine mounts
Remove bell housing bolts - 4 across the top, 2 at bottom
* leave 1 x top and 1 x bottom in loosely to prevent engine moving too much

Ensure torque converter disengages  
Grab the plenum and remove the throotle body

Reinstall the plenum to the engine to give a lift point
Remove brake reserviour heat shield for a bit mor space
Use appropriate lifting gear

Lift engine clear