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Power Runs September 30, 2007
Did some more runs and adjusted the boost settings on the Blitz SBC iD III boost controller. It was found that by adjusting the percentage of boost down to 25%, the runs were slower due to less boost but we avoided the fuel cut. Adjusting the boost percentage higher to 35% resulted in fuel cut much sooner so 30% was found to be the best option.
There were 2 of us in the car so the weight was changed to 1800 kgs.
These were the best 2 runs, both at 30% boost and 20% gain. The weather was fine and about 20 degrees C. Fuel cut was marginally experienced in the second run.
Factory fuel cut is consistently occurring between .81 and .85 bar.
Power Runs September 29, 2007
In total I did 7 runs, the first one here being the quickest although probably the softest start and softest accelerator application. This was the only run where the Cosmo did not hit fuel cut. The other runs aren't included as these two demonstrate the results sufficiently. The weather was about 26 degrees C, fine and no significant wind. The engine was at running temperature and the intercooler spray was not used. The Blitz SBC iD III boost controller was set on manual at 30% available boost, 20% gain. The Performance meter is set to calculate kilowatts between 50 an 100 kph and the weight is set at 1750 kgs. (** The weight was actually set at 1600 kgs which means the kW readings returned would be lower than they should be.)
Note the average kilowatts and the 60 foot time.
The average kilowatts have reduced significantly but the 60 foot time has improved markedly. Note that fuel (boost) cut was hit during this run, adding considerable time to the result.
Dyno Results April 14, 2007

Passport Timer GT2: