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Air Filter

Its not much of a secret that the JC Cosmo was pretty de-tuned when it left the factory. I suspect this was to meet the "handshake agreement" between the Japanese manufacturers to limit power output to 280 horsepower at the flywheel. Interestingly Eunos tried to pass the 20B Cosmo off at the figure of 206 kilowatts. Given that 224kW is the generally accepted real stock output, you can only imagine what the Engineers did to rein in the inherent power of the 20B. Air in (intake) and air out (exhaust) are two good places to pick up cheap and effective kilowatts.

The aftermarket air filter is a K & N RF 1003.
With the removal of the restrictive OEM filter box, the RF 1003 has an angled intake to suit the pipework.


Note that with the removal of the air box, a breather filter is required for the air pump air supply. These can be sourced from most reliable suppliers.

For aesthetic purposes, the air pump intake pipe was adjusted so the filter sits parallel with other components.