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Dyno Results After Rebuild, April 14, 2007

After doing the minimum 1,000 kilometres after the rebuild to bed the engine in, it was time to take the Cosmo back to RotorMaster for a health check and dyno run.
On one hand I was pretty nervous about this, redline the engine and apply boost for the turbos? But then on the other I was quite excited to see what all the hard work of the last couple of months had achieved.
Dave from DMRH came along as well to see the results and document the process which was much appreciated.
I am using BP Ultimate fuel, NGK 3968 BUR6EQ and NGK 5099 BUR8EQ spark plugs.
I'd been running the car with the Blitz boost controller turned off so we did one dyno run as is. The result was 196 kilowatt.
The second run we did with the following settings on the boost controller:
- manual operation
- gain = 20
- boost = 30%
The result was 205 kilowatt.
So a tweak to 40% boost and the result came in at 220.6 kilowatt. At this setting the boost is reading just under 12 psi on the dyno and .76 bar on the boost controller. At this level it was considered to be safe for ongoing use as the air fuel ratio appears to be leaning out at about this point.
The overall verdict was that the rebuild had been a success, the engine is running strongly, and everyone was satisfied with the result.

Video 1

Dyno Sheet 1

Dyno Sheet 2

  Big thanks to Dave Morris for these pictures and videos.  

Allowing for 30% drive chain losses, 220 kilowatts at the wheels equates to about 315 kilowatts at the flywheel. Given the accepted power figure of 224 kilowatts (at the flywheel) when the Cosmo was released, this is an improvement of just over 40%.

These figures have been achieved with minimal performance enhancements. To cap what has been done from stock:
- pod intake filter
- mufflers (stock exhaust)
- Blitz boost controller
- removal of catalyst from pre-cat
- larger capacity intercooler